Louisville Anzeiger Death Listing 

 Welcome to the Louisville Anzeiger Death Listings 1849—1865.

Many death notices in the Anzeiger are similar to the one above. They usually begin with the German word Starb meaning "Died." The notice above reveals that Mrs. Barbara Lochner died on March 12 at 10:30 a. m. She was 55 years old at death and lived at 458 Preston Street, between College and Breckinridge Streets. The names of her husband and children are given as well as the fact that she had 13 grandchildren. Because the family had to pay for this notice, not all deaths are listed.  Some contain the place of birth of the deceased.

For a lesson on how to read the old German Gothic Typescript go to:


-and click on Gothic Typeface (Fraktur).


 Louisville Anzeiger Briefliste

(Letters waiting to be picked up)

The Anzeigier, in its early days, published a listing of German immigrants for whom letters were being held at the Post Office. This listing, the Louisville Briefliste, is useful because it can prove that a person was in Louisville or on the way to Louisville as of a certain date.

Previously, the earliest record found for Nicolaus Reinhart's presence in Louisville was his marriage license dated in November 1850. He was not in the 1850 or earlier censuses or tax records. Nicolas appears in the Louisville Briefliste forMarch 21, 1849. He was not listed in the March 24, 1849 LouisvilleBriefliste it is assumed he picked up the letter prior to March 24, 1849, and therefore was in Louisville in late March 1849.

The advertisement above is for the William Tell Coffee House on Market Street between 4th and 5th Streets. It reveals that it is now owned by Gottfried Kaiser who acquired it from N. J. Basler. Good food and drinks will be found there.


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